ODYSSEE technical presentation - Oil & Gas

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8th Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management

Virtual Conference | 29 -30 October 2020

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James Njuguna, Professor & Director of Research, Robert Gordon University, UK

"Combined approach on FEA & Machine Learning for the prediction and optimisation of casing buckling and deformation responses in shale gas wells in an in-situ operation"

30th of October - 15h40

  • Examined the mechanics of a bonded system under the influence of fracturing pressure, slip displacement, and reservoir temperature

  • Conducted FEA design exploration of casing structural responses for the establishment of robust design

  • Application AI using both ODYSSEE Lunar and “R” codes for the prediction & optimisation of casing structural integrity and for the evaluation of parameter sensitivities

  • Data Mining using Principal Component Analysis for the determination of the parameters distribution and standard deviations in Quasar Machine learning software

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