"Real Time Parametric Simulation using CADLM LUNAR", Webinar on demand - MSC Software UK

October 22, 2020 2:00 pm BST.

To see the webinar on demand

Do you have long duration CAE processes? Do you perform 100’s of runs to optimize a design? Is your decision making compromised by time limitations?

LUNAR, from our software partner CADLM, combines Machine Learning, AI, and Reduced Order Modelling to allow parametric predictions to made IN REAL TIME from existing CAE or test results data.  This webex will show practical examples of how you can use LUNAR with a variety of CAE results types to answer what-if parametric design questions in seconds, rather than the hours required for additional solver runs.  Get to a more optimum design, faster.

With LUNAR, you can manage the main steps of your project in real time with parametric design and optimization based on very few simulations

  • Concept Design: Parametric Studies, Trial and error

  • Detailed Modeling: Optimization, Model Fitting

  • Validation: Reliability Studies, Robustness

Practical application examples will be shown for several popular domains:

  • Explicit FE (Dytran, LSDyna)

  • Manufacturing (Simufact Welding)

  • Implicit NL FE (Marc)

  • Multibody dynamics (Adams)

  • CFD (Cradle)

  • Acoustics (Actran)

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